Working Steel with Mike Lawson-SmithStar Radio, Cardiff PROJECT LIST
photo by Jennie Savage
A 45-minute sound work made from interviews conducted in Pittsburgh, PA and Cardiff, Wales. It is a constructed dialogue between ex and current steel workers in the two cities, which have gone from industrial centers of steel production to post industrial service economies. Working Steel focuses on the politicisation of the two communities and those within them who have worked in an industry that once provided a good income and a clear identity. Over the last 25 years in Pittsburgh and more recently in Cardiff, ex-steel workers have had to recreate themselves due to the steel industries decline. On both sides of the Atlantic steel workers have been faced with unemployment, lost pensions, and the uncertainty of their future. Working Steel is the voices of the steel workers from Pittsburg and Cardiff (distinguished only by accents) making and argument that worker's rights and experiences are an international as well as local issue.