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A follow up to With Heartfelt Gratitude for the Painless Treatment. 77 Sunset Strip (1958 -64) was the first detective television series, (Warner Brothers) and is credited with spawning the genre. In the late 50's to and early 60's my father, Max Lewin, ran a café, where anybody who was anybody in Hollywood could be found, called Chez Paulette. 77 Sunset Strip and Chez Paulette came together when a recreation of the café was built on the studio lot, and featured in the series with my father as host. The credits state that Max Lewin played himself.


Of course he didn't. I have been interviewing people who were regulars at Chez Paulette (not too many still alive) and am preparing to recreate Chez Paulete along with a film/installation in the style of 77 Sunsset strip.