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Grace and Mark
L to R: Anya Lewin started, ran, and programmed Cornershop; Robert Creeley gave Cornershop lots of love and support including funding many of the events and the day to day costs with money from the Samuel P. Capen Chair at SUNY Buffalo; Lara Odell lived above Cornershop for the last year and more of its life and was official documenter as well as helping run the day to day stuff: Charles Bernstein gave Cornershop constant support and helped fund events (and bought chairs) with money from the David Gray Chair at SUNY Buffalo: Graham Foust programmed the Scratch and Dent series after Taylor Brady left Buffalo: Julia Dzwonkowski lived above Cornershop for 10 months and co-programmed a couple of the events; Amy King lived above Cornershop when it first opened and helped establish the workings of the public and private spaces; Taylor Brady started the Scratch and Dent series and organised the first couple of events; CEPA Gallery co-sponsored some of the events and Lawrence Brose lent his 16 mm projector for film screenings; Just Buffalo Co-sponsored the Scratch and Dent series: Squeaky Wheel co-sponsored some of the events and lent equipment: Grace and Mark were Cornershop's landlords and lived in the other half of the building. They were generous enough to let it all happen. And a final thank you to Simon Poulter for helping me make this website. AL