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Caroline Koebel interview with Anya Lewin
Patisserie Valerie, Soho London, Monday, July 26, 2004 Approx. 40 min.
CK: What inspired you to open Cornershop?
AL: I think I always wanted to do something like Cornershop, and Buffalo felt like it really needed it because there was all this creative activity and (not many) places to put it, and what spaces there were divided by discipline somewhat. I wanted one space where different things could come together. The Poetics Program and Media Study [both within the University at Buffalo, SUNY] inspired me. I was working with artists and poets and they weren’t coming together anywhere. When I lived in Pittsburgh, before Buffalo, I was going to the Orgone Cinema events. I got an education in experimental film through those guys and somehow they just put things on themselves. So, I think I was looking since I got to Buffalo and then 82 Lafayette came up, and I knew it was the right place to do it.