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grand opening orgone cinema melissa kern sound visual/visual sound stellar ocean navigation Kristin Prevallet and Alan Gibert Terminal Time fertilitate The Kissing Series Susan Howe Redell Olsen and Rosa Acala Todd Whitman and Jack Wright
Peggy Ahwesh John Bennet Canadian Poetry Festival Jan Nagle Smorgasbord Stephen Mounkhall and Loren Goodman Fashion Giants Issabelle Pelissier Roberto Tejada and Graham Foust Lara Odell and More Scratch and Dent Series Detached/Regained Susan Bee
Jennifer Montgomery MM Serra Pirate Radio Place(less)Place Northern Irish Video John Cayley and Loss Pequeno Glazier Edwin Torres and SM Gray Super Super 8 Film Festival Judy Sylwester Nneng Natalie Caple Steven Ansell and Ben Marcus Peter Jaeger and Nancy Shaw
This section includes the posters and invites for most of the events but a few fell through the cracks... If you want to start at the beginning click on the top left corner.