Different Systems of Chaos collaboration with Steven Eastwood • 27 minute single channel video PROJECT LIST
This 27 minute playful examination of the role of bureaucracy in education and art was shot during a four-day collaborative performance at the Alytaus Dailes Mokykla art school in Lithuania. Over the duration the Director of the school (artist Redas Dirzys) performed as the Director of the school, the teachers portrayed teachers, the students acted as students and two visitors with video cameras played the role of the BBC. It is a video about the artist versus the administrator, Soviet and post-Soviet Eastern Europe and the inherent manipulation of the documentary format.
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International Campaign 2004
In 2004 the Alytus Dailes Mokykla was under threat of closure from the most insidious of administrative tricks: reorganization. With Redas Dirzys I mounted an international campaign to respond to this situation. The film was made available to view on a website and people were invited to write letters of response to the schools impending closure. These letters were translated into Lithuanian and published in the Alytaus Naujienos. The authorities were hugely surprised by the international attention and the school was not closed.
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