In the Day the Bear Sleeps in the Night the Bear Dreams installation and performance PROJECT LIST
Dartington College of Arts Gallery, Totnes
Fix Festival of Performance Art, Catalyst Arts, Belfast

A white organic looking structure sits in the middle of a snow blown gallery space. Video is projected on two different walls. The larger projection shows a bear like figure in different landscapes; forest; river; moorlands; hills. In between each landscape scenario a black and white sequence of the bear riding a bicycle in circles attached to a circus masters chain is played. The other video image shows a bear sleeping in the woods and in a second presentation of the installation/performance a bear and a hunter chasing each other around a tree. As the person walks around the space they discover that the structure is a cave with an opening large enough to enter. The cave is pitch black inside and peering in one can’t make anything out unless the bear decides to flash its white claws.

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