Art Tourist: No One Belongs Here More Than You Blurrr5 Performance Bienniale Tel Aviv PROJECT LIST
Observation and Participation:

1. Shop
2. Try new culinary experiences
3. Converse with strangers
4. See the sites
5. Offer something in return

For this performance project I decided to perform my own role - that of an Art Tourist. During my research I found that the slogan on the Israeli Ministry of Tourism website was "No one belongs here more than you". This seemed very strange and convinced me that the role of the tourist was a provocative one. I created an Art Tourist Logo and wore it on T-Shirts, my luggage, stickers, and postcards. I spent the week of the festival performing tourist activities. At the end of the week I gave a performance/lecture about my tourist experience. I focused on the inability of an artist to come to a place for five days and respond to more than a surface experience while at the same time I was able to present a version of Tel Aviv which locals, being too local, had no access to.

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